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Green building loans: what are they? How to build ecological homes

Green building mortgages , also called green or green mortgages, have been designed to allow applicants to obtain the required amounts in the short term and at the same time to encourage the construction and renovation of buildings that respect certain energy efficiency standards.

Among the various types of existing mortgages

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This is therefore aimed at those who want to buy buildings with high energy efficiency or those who need to face restructuring costs aimed at increasing energy qualification and the construction of green building houses .

The green building loans are available at some banks at subsidized rates and enjoy state incentives for energy qualification. Just to give a concrete example, these incentives provide for a tax relief equal to 55% of the expenses.
Green mortgages are of various kinds

There are mortgages for purchase, those for purchase and restructuring and those for construction. As for purchases, green building loans are at a subsidized rate and work like all other mortgages for the purchase of real estate. However, it is understood that this is only the purchase of buildings that have obtained energy class A or higher.

Not only that, to enjoy green mortgages for the purchase of buildings, it is also necessary that all the plants (water, electricity and water) are included in the energy qualification operations and that the building is isolated according to the most modern technologies.

In the case of green building loans for renovation

building loans

there will be reductions related to the amounts spent to improve energy efficiency. The benefits will therefore only concern the works that are part of the energy qualification operations and, therefore, the possible purchase of heat-insulating materials, the possible elimination of previous materials, any expenses for adaptation of the thermal plant, installation of photovoltaic panels and so on .

All green building loans for buildings are subsidized without limitation, as they guarantee the use of specific materials and the construction of plants that are part of the process of qualification and energy saving . A concrete example of houses whose construction is fully covered by green mortgages are the wooden houses.