Consolidation Loans

How do I get a consolidation loan -We consolidate loans into one payment

We consolidate loans into one payment

Loan Consolidation: what it is and how it works. More and more often today products offered in installments are offered. Each of these products actually corresponds to a finalized loan, the amount of which is paid directly to the seller of the asset, while the customer pays the loan installments to the lender who has paid it.

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The rates of these loans are very low and this type of payment is usually accompanied by interesting promotions. What is the risk? That of having to pay a plurality of installments, with different amounts and deadlines and in the end find yourself reported as bad payers because you forgot to pay an installment.

For this reason, in recent years the need has become strong to be able to group the installments of the various loans into a single monthly installment, easier to manage and manage. This is possible with debt consolidation, a type of resolving financial product to extinguish the numerous open loans.

The operation of debt consolidation is simple. You must request a special loan whose sum is used to pay off in advance all the loans whose installments remain to be paid. Once the debt consolidation request is accepted you will have a single monthly payment.

Usually, the accumulating installments do not have too high amounts and to be able to proceed with debt consolidation a simple personal loan is enough, paid perhaps with a salary assignment. In this way, in addition to having grouped the installments in a single installment, you will not even have the problem of having to remember the deadline, since it would be debited directly in the pay slip. Furthermore, no guarantee must be provided in addition to your salary.

Debt consolidation, however, can be useful, if not even fundamental, even in the most problematic cases, as in the case in which the accumulated monthly installments have undermined the family budget. By grouping the installments into a single debt consolidation loan, the loan can be extended, increasing the repayment duration or reducing the interest rate.

Often as a result of various purchases made over the years, we realize that we have accumulated a rather high number of monthly installments, which can reach prohibitive amounts.

To overcome this problem, however, it is possible to use personal loans for debt consolidation.

This type of personal loan makes it possible to group all the loans in progress into a single large loan and therefore in a single lower monthly payment thanks to particularly advantageous interest rates and with the additional advantage of being able to extend the duration.

The advantages of personal loans for debt consolidation are essential:

  1. One monthly installment
  2. The repayment of the loans at your own expense
  3. The possibility of obtaining additional liquidity
  4. Interesting interest rates and longer duration

The maximum amount for this type of financing varies between banks and credit institutions, our advice as always is to evaluate different options and estimates.