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Debt restructuring

A rescheduling relieves an existing loan by taking out a new loan. This is usually associated with a change of lender and an interest rate adjustment. With mortgage lending, you can reschedule your existing bank, which is called a prolongation. Frequently, the rescheduling is used here for follow-up 

financing in the event of expiring fixed interest on the construction loan. However, to repay multiple loans brings a rescheduling through the credit summary
from financial experts a savings by substantial interest reduction. With us often even rate reductions of up to 50% are possible! Because we always try to replace old loans in order to then summarize them at the best possible interest rate, as well as appropriate installment payment.

Freedom of mortgage lending

Freedom of mortgage lending

Debt rescheduling for mortgage lending or old loans brings many benefits. The focus here is on lower interest rates and lower monthly repayments. If you have multiple loans, you can consolidate them by rescheduling them into a single loan. This increases the overview and saves time. By changing the installment amount, you can also adjust the loan to your current financial situation, saving you additional money in the event of a rate increase that leads to a shorter term. By the way: Even if you have already completed construction financing at unfavorable rates years ago, you benefit from a reschedulingfrom the currently very favorable conditions on the financial market. If you want to secure the very favorable conditions for the future, you can do so up to 60 months in advance with a forward loan.

Rescheduling for mortgage lending or personal loan explained briefly

  • allows better conditions
  • lower monthly repayment rate
  • better clarity
  • Adaptation to the current financial situation

When rescheduling some special features are to be considered. It is important that you specify the rescheduling as a purpose of the new bank, as the banks do not use each of their loan products for debt restructuring for mortgage lendingto offer. The bank change will result in a new credit check. On the basis of this, the bank decides whether to approve the loan application. If necessary, there are expenses for the change of the land register entry as well as court and notary fees. In addition, there are often costs for prepayment penalties, which the old lender calculates for the premature repayment of the loan. Therefore, it is important to make a thorough comparison between potential savings and any additional costs before rescheduling. In most cases, rescheduling pays off – especially with the high sums of mortgage lending – and results in notable interest savings.

What should always be considered when rescheduling

  • Specify rescheduling as the purpose of the new bank
  • renewed credit check required
  • Check additional costs and take into account

It also applies here: Compare worthwhile. Even the smallest interest rate differences result in high sums during the term. Rescheduling in particular is very complex because it affects several loans for which different rules have to be observed. It is therefore important that you are well advised. The experts at financial experts will be at your side to provide you with competent and helpful advice, from the first loan comparison to the conclusion of the contract. Through our independent credit comparison, we help you to find a tailor-made loan for you on the most favorable terms. Of course, the loan application is not binding and free of charge. Arrange a personal consultation now via our contact form!Debt rescheduling for your mortgage or personal loans. We guarantee you the top interest on your loan.

What are the advantages of rescheduling your loans on financial experts?

  • Our experts give you better conditions
  • Long and flexible terms with desired rates possible
  • Any request is always without obligation and free of charge
  • Immediate confirmation of your rescheduling and fast payout possible
  • You have your personal contact person for information and questions
  • Even in difficult cases we find possibilities
  • The rescheduling is adjusted to your financial situation
  • You get the financial experts Best Service Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 100% positive customer reviews
  • Rate reduction for rescheduling is often up to 50% possible

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