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Green building loans: what are they? How to build ecological homes

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Green building mortgages , also called green or green mortgages, have been designed to allow applicants to obtain the required amounts in the short term and at the same time to encourage the construction and renovation of buildings that respect certain energy efficiency standards. Among the various types of existing mortgages This is therefore aimed […]

Opening a mortgage life loan

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Mortgage life loan for seniors There are several conditions for opening a mortgage loan . The first is age. Indeed, to access the mortgage life loan it is essential to be over 65 years old and to be the owner. In addition, the amount of money recovered must only be used for a personal project […]

The joint loan: what are the advantages and what are the problems?

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The joint loan is a type of loan for the purchase of a property that provides for the signature by two different people , who simultaneously become owners of the loan . In reality, within this typology there are different possibilities , whose differences are however very important given that the joint account provides for […]

Secured loan: what is it? The concrete effects

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A securitized mortgage is a financial product that the bank transfers to an intermediary company in exchange for the issuance of an obligation linked to it. This is one of the ways in which banks seek liquidity on the markets. When a loan is granted, the credit institution exposes itself to a sudden outflow of […]